SafeCo Enterprise is the representative of State Enterprise “Specialized Foreign Trade Firm “PROGRESS” (SE SFTF “PROGRESS”) was established in 1990 as the first official exporter/importer of military goods and services in Ukraine and has long-term business experience on armament and military equipment markets. In accordance with the resolution of the Government of Ukraine SE SFTF “PROGRESS” is entitled with full rights to act as an exporter or importer of military and special purpose goods and services.

Nowadays, SE SFTF “PROGRESS” performs its business activity being equal member of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom” – the consolidation of great number of diversified enterprises of the Ukrainian military industry. Ukraine has a strong industrial potential in arms and military equipment production, the whole spectrum of which is offered for export by SE SFTF “PROGRESS”.

Having a broad geography of cooperation and trade during more than 25 years of the activity in the world armament market, our enterprise has effected export and import supplies of military and special equipment, armament and services to more than 50 countries in the different regions of the world, including countries of Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. The wide range of such sales included a broad spectrum of military products, goods and technologies of dual use ammunition, various equipment and services.

SE SFTF “PROGRESS” proposes the export supplying of military equipment of current production (МВТ, APCs, Antonov-type transport aircraft, modern navy ships, radar and communication systems), modern technologies and know-how, the newest weapons and military products’ designing and development.

SE SFTF “PROGRESS” has taken a comprehensive approach to the export of armaments and military equipment. We are pleased to offer mutually advantageous cooperation in the following areas:

  • export and import of products and services of military and special purposes, including arms, ammunitions, military and special equipment, spare parts, explosives and other goods, which may be used for the creation and production of arms, military and special equipment;
  • shipbuilding industry (design and construction of combat ships and civil vessels, repair and upgrade of marine equipment, component parts for shipboard systems and equipment, hydro-acoustic systems and complexes);
  • aircraft engineering and maintenance (aircrafts, missiles, engines, equipment, repair services and aircraft modernization);
  • modernization of armament and military equipment for foreign customers;
  • rendering of services in repairing and maintenance of arms and military equipment;
  • export of new technologies, project documentation and other scientific-technical products in military and civil areas;
  • training of the foreign military staff in the basic training military institutions in Ukraine and in the countries of the customers;
  • design of specialized factories and projects.

Our company together with Ukrainian shipbuilding centers has great experience in designing and construction of vessel of different displacement and purpose. We offer supply of coast guard boats, patrol boats, assault and Special Forces ships. Specified ships are intended for guarding and protection of water boundary and counteraction against poaching.

Ukrainian repair facilities are capable to perform complete overhaul and modernization of a series of the Soviet military units and armaments and modern Ukrainian production.

Nowadays, SE SFTF “PROGRESS” is a dynamic developing enterprise which can offer a wide range of military products and services. During the years its activity our company has built up the reputation of a reliable partner. The team of professional experts and full range of rendered services are a guaranty of effective mutually beneficial cooperation and fulfillment of our partners’ requirements.

We are always open for a dialogue and mutually advantageous cooperation.